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Hilton Head Dolphin Adventure™ Tour with Live Oac

Dolphin Adventure Tour

The 90 minute Dolphin Adventure™ Tour explores the area in and around Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, along Hilton Head’s backcountry edge.

Hilton Head visitors get a glimpse of the wildlife refuge when crossing the bridge from the mainland. This is the area we explore by boat, with the ability to navigate small tidal creeks via our signature SUV Boating™ trips. You’ll have the opportunity to explore places that crowded bigger boats can’t access.

We’re excited to share this beautiful area with you. The dolphin population is thriving, and there is other diverse wildlife, including birds (ospreys, herons, egrets and more!) and creatures like oysters, crabs, and fish just filling these tidal creeks.

This 1½ Hour trip offers a “happy medium” between our shorter 1 Hour Out & Back™ Dolphin Tour and our longer 2 Hour Dolphin Wildlife Refuge Tour™.

Feel free to call and get some personalized advice for your group on what dolphin eco tour might suit you best, but we find this trip to be the best match for most groups.
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We offer a "Dolphin Guarantee" on specific outings, listed below.

Thanks to our location and the excellent local dolphin population around the Wildlife Refuge, we expect to see dolphins on our dolphin-specific trips. See below for which trips qualify. We can't control nature, so in the rare event we miss seeing dolphin, here's the deal:

If we don't see dolphin, you will receive YOUR CHOICE of either:
  • A certificate for a second outing of equal value,
  • Or a time extension (as schedule allows)

This only happens a few times a year, so the chance of seeing dolphins is very close to 100%.

Live Oac’s “Dolphin Guarantee” applies to the following programs:

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Inshore trips take place in waters between Hilton Head and the mainland and NOT out in the ocean.

Inshore waters include the tidal creeks, rivers, and sounds (“bays”).

On an inshore trip, we stay well within sight of land, and motion sickness is not typically an issue. We generally do NOT recommend taking anything for motion sickness unless you’ve previously had an issue on water while next to land (which is almost no one, but there are exceptions).

Be aware that even on calm water days, we still encounter bumps in the form of boat wakes (waves that boats create). Boating is an inherently dangerous activity and not suitable for someone with medical conditions that could be negatively affected by a bumpy ride.
  1½ Hours — we also have 2 Hour & 1 Hour options

Year Round

This trip is available Year Round as long as weather cooperates.

Shared or Private Trips

This trip is available as both a Shared Trip or a Private Trip.

A Shared Trip means you sign up per person. Even just one person can sign up. Shared trips are open to the public and we will fill the other seats on board. The pricing on Shared Trips is the price per person. Shared Trips are currently not available. We are offering Private Charters only.

A Private Trip is per boat. You are reserving (“chartering”) the whole boat for you and your group. The pricing on Private Trips is the price per BOAT, up to the maximum capacity of guests (varies by boat and by trip).

Private Charters Only

The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance.

For Summer 2021, until further notice, Live Oac will be offering our adventures in Private charter format only. Shared trips will return some time in the future.

All Ages

This trip is available to All Ages of participants.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  Daily Schedule:

  Warmer Weather — 8 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM

  Cooler Weather — 1 PM & 3 PM


   Dolphin & Eco Tour Rates
SHARED Dolphin & Eco Tour Rates

1 Hour  $38 per person
1½ Hour  $48 per person
2 Hour  $58 per person
3 Hour  $88 per person

$10 off ages 12 & under on all shared trips
PRIVATE Dolphin & Eco Tour Rates

Pricing is Total Per Boat, for up to 6 people. Call for 7+

1 Hour  • $198
1½ Hour • $248
2 Hour  • $298
3 Hour  • $448

1 Hr
Per Boat

1½ Hr
Per Boat

2 Hr
Per Boat

3 Hr
Per Boat

Live Oac SUV Boating™ charters can accommodate up to 6 passengers per boat, and we have multiple boats available for larger groups.

Our 2 hour Dolphin Wildlife Refuge Tour™ is our most popular. It gives us plenty of time to explore, see dolphins, and learn about the backcountry waters. For private charters looking to add activities like cast netting or crabbing, the 2 hour is typically recommended.

We can get out and have a good dolphin experience in as short as a 1 hour trip, and that is definitely recommended for groups with children 3 years or younger.

A 1½ hour trip offers a nice compromise between the two if you’re not sure.

Longer trips are available, but are generally recommended when adding other activities such as watersports, fishing, beachcombing, or destination trips.

Be sure to CALL US if you have any questions about timing and for a personalized recommendation for your group. Our captains field most of our phone calls, and we’ll give you the best suggestion based on our years of experience taking out groups just like yours.

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