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Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge Tours with Live Oac

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Live Oac is ideally located on the Hilton Head side of Skull Creek, and just across this creek is Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. While the Refuge takes it's name from its largest island, Pinckney, there are several other islands and tidal creeks that make up this protected area.

This lowcountry treasure provides the perfect setting for Live Oac’s outdoor adventure activities. The local dolphin population and activities observed are second to none. Pristine water sports and tubing areas are just minutes away. The tidal estuary offers year-round fishing opportunities and an abundance of other wildlife to be observed.

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge includes more than 4,000 acres of salt marsh estuary and small islands. Join Live Oac on an exploration deep into the refuge and surrounding waters to remote areas most people won't have the opportunity to see. We spend most of our time here, as well as the nearby "Dolphin Head" region of Port Royal Sound, home to many local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. When the dolphins aren't exploring the refuge creeks with us, we can usually find them playing here!

No matter what type of trip you choose, once we leave our dock on Skull Creek, you’ll have immediate access to the wildlife refuge and the opportunity to leave civilization behind for a while.

Dolphin Tours in the Wildlife Refuge:

Check out our 2 Hour Dolphin Wildlife Refuge Tour™ on which we typically circumnavigate Pinckney Island, the namesake of the refuge and it’s largest member island. This trip gives us the most time to explore and is our most popular eco tour.

For a somewhat shorter journey, check out the 1½ Hour Dolphin Adventure™ Tour. It provides a happy medium between time for exploration while not overdoing it for shorter attention spans. We recommend the 1 Hour Out & Back™ Dolphin Tour for groups that have young ones 3 and under, or otherwise want a brief outing that still has enough time to see dolphin.

Wildlife Watersports Charters:

We run the majority of our watersports trips in the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, so you’ll have a great opportunity to see dolphins and other wildlife along the way. If you have a specific interest, just let us know when booking your Watersports Combo™ charter, and we’ll plan ahead for the best experience. You can combine watersports like wake boarding, tubing, waterskiing, kneeboarding and ZUP™ boarding with an eco tour including dolphin watching, birding, cast netting, or other activities.

Fishing the waters of Pinckney Wildlife Refuge:

Most of our inshore fishing trips can be planned to run and around the refuge on request. Just let us know your interest when making a reservation. We’ll advise you on the best trip options to meet your expectations. Some of Hilton Head’s best redfish fishing is in the tidal creeks and marsh flats around the wildlife refuge. Fishing charter rates vary somewhat from Dolphin / Eco / Watersports charters.
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  1-3+ Hours
  Year Round
  Shared or Private
  All Ages
   Private SUV Boating™ Charter Rates

Pricing is Total Per Boat, for up to 6 people. Call for 7+

1 Hour • $178
1½ Hour • $238
2 Hour  • $288
3 Hour  • $398
4 Hour  • $508

1 Hr
Per Boat

1½ Hr
Per Boat

2 Hr
Per Boat

3 Hr
Per Boat

4 Hr
Per Boat

Live Oac SUV Boating™ charters can accommodate up to 6 passengers per boat, and we have multiple boats available for larger groups.

Our 2 hour Dolphin Wildlife Refuge Tour™ is our most popular. It gives us plenty of time to explore, see dolphins, and learn about the backcountry waters. For private charters looking to add activities like cast netting or crabbing, the 2 hour is typically recommended.

We can get out and have a good dolphin experience in as short as a 1 hour trip, and that is definitely recommended for groups with children 3 years or younger.

A 1½ hour trip offers a nice compromise between the two if you’re not sure.

Longer trips are available, but are generally recommended when adding other activities such as watersports, fishing, beachcombing, or destination trips.

Be sure to CALL US if you have any questions about timing and for a personalized recommendation for your group. Our captains field most of our phone calls, and we’ll give you the best suggestion based on our years of experience taking out groups just like yours.