Cobia & Shark Fishing Charters

The Port Royal Sound estuary on Hilton Head Island’s northern end is one of the primary spawning points for cobia along the southeast US coast. People come from all over for a chance to catch a “brownie” as these unique looking fish are sometimes called because of their chocolate coloration. Cobia have a shark-like body shape, with a wide, flat head and a strong tail. They’re known for making hard runs when hooked, and putting up a fierce fight for anglers.

Inherently curious and attracted to all sorts of objects, it’s not unusual to be surprised by a cobia or two swimming right up to the boat. It’s good to have a pitch bait at the ready to toss out. We spend most of our time cobia fishing by anchoring up along structure and tidal rips where cobia are known to frequent, and we use primarily live and cut bait along with artificial jigs in some cases. Stout medium to medium heavy tackle is best to tame these beasts while angling.

Cobia show up along with our influx of sharks into inshore waters as the water temperature warms into the 70s. So Cobia fishing charters are generally “cobia & shark” fishing charters. When fishing for cobia, we tend to catch lots of sharks, an occasional bull redfish, and smaller species like whiting. Sometimes we’ll encounter early schools of Spanish Mackerel near our cobia spots.

Given “perfect” conditions when there is no wind and super calm water, there are we can cruise along sight fishing for cobia near the surface. These moments are rare, but worth the hunt. An extended trip can combine things like fishing open water for cobia and sharks with fishing shallow water for redfish. There are lots of options. Tell us about your group and we’ll be sure to match the best boat, captain, and fishing approach to show you a great time on the water.
  Inshore & Near Coastal
  3-8 Hours
  Late April thru Mid June is peak season for Cobia
  Age 5+ for Inshore, Age 13+ for Near Coastal, Age 16+ for Offshore
  Update May 2016: Inshore/Nearshore Cobia Fishing is now catch and release only, per new regulations from the state of South Carolina. Offshore Cobia harvest will cease in June with new federal regulations. We hope these changes allow our local and regional cobia population to flourish and return to it’s historically great numbers to the point that we’ll be able to enjoy catching cobia in large numbers again in coming years.
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“A Live One”

Freeman 29 Catamaran
Captain Blair Willis
Experience one of Hilton Head’s fastest and softest riding charter fishing boats. The Freeman 29 has a huge 10’ beam with lots of space, more like you would expect on a 34’ deep-vee in comparison. Find out why there is a 3 year wait to build a new boat from Freeman Boatworks…The ride is unbelievable!

She is equipped with the latest gear and technology: radar, autopilot, and Sirius XM satellite radio & offshore weather service.

The oversized t-top provides plenty of shade, and a soft cushioned “chaise lounge” style seating extends through the fore deck, along with console and aft seating.

She fishes anywhere from inshore to offshore and in between. Bottom fishing, trolling, jigging, she's ready to tackle just about anything.
  Max Guests: 6

Inshore or Near Coastal
  6 Max

2 Hours • $349
3 Hours • $499
4 Hours • $599
5 Hours • $750
6 Hours • $900

Offshore - Mid Range Towers & Reefs
  4 Max & Age 16+

6 Hours • $900 (includes fuel)
Full Day (8-10 Hours) • $1200 + Fuel Cost*
Typical Fuel Usage 50-100 gallons
Call for more details.

Offshore - Long Range & Gulf Stream
  4 Max & Age 16+

Full Day (8-10 Hours) • $1200 + Fuel Cost*
Typical Fuel Usage 125-175 gallons

*Full Day offshore trips on A Live One are our only fishing charters that are priced as a flat rate plus fuel. This allows for a greater variety of experiences to match angler’s needs and expectations. Call Capt. Blair for more info on options for a full day offshore adventure.

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The “Hammerhead”

25' Sport Fish Express
Capts Travis Meissner & John Werner
This classic South Florida style charter fishing vessel offers plenty of shade and lots of room. We fish all day and evening aboard the “Hammerhead” and yes, we do often catch hammerhead sharks!
For our Family Shark Adventure™ we fish anywhere from the marsh creeks to the open water of the sounds, as appropriate for the guests on board. Sometimes we have the opportunity to try different techniques like bottom fishing, trolling, or jigging, depending on the season and shark activity.
  Max Guests: 6
Capacity: Max 6 guests, but if ALL adults we recommend 4 for the optimum fishing experience.


The “Hammerhead” is currently offline for an engine refit and some upgrades. We look forward to her return in late September. In the meantime, please checkout our new Freeman 29 for inshore and offshore charters.
Cobia & Shark Fishing Charter
on the “Hammerhead” Sport Fish

Inshore or Near Coastal
  6 Max

3 Hour • $399
4 Hour • $499
5 Hour • $599
6 Hour • $699

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The “Blacktip Shark” & “Whitetip Shark”

22' SUV Deck Boats
Captains John Werner & Travis Meissner
Live Oac pioneered the idea of the Family Shark Adventure™ aboard our SUV Deck Boats. With modified v-hulls for a great ride and comfortable cushioned seats & backrests, this is a real ”sit-back-and-relax" approach to fishing.

The “Blacktip” and “Whitetip” run daytime trips during “cooler” months and evenings during the heat of summer for the most enjoyable experience.
  Max Guests: 4 medium size adults or 6 if at least 2 are children
Capacity: Max 6 guests, but if ALL adults we recommend 4 for the optimum fishing experience.
We have multiple boats to accommodate larger groups, and can fish together for a cohesive experience.
Cobia & Shark Fishing Charter
on the “Blacktip Shark” & “Whitetip Shark” SUV Deck Boats

3 Hour • $399
4 Hour • $499
5 Hour • $599

monster lemon shark caught fishing in Hilton Head

The “Stingray”

Yellowfin 17 Skiff
Captains John Werner & Blair Willis
The “Stingray” is a fishing dream, a high-end Yellowfin skiff with a great ride and the versatile ability to fish from 6 inches of water to the deeper waters surrounding Hilton Head.

Whether we’re live baiting cobia and sharks in deep water or sight casting to them on the surface, this is a versatile inshore/nearshore fishing platform that’s a lot of fun.
  Max Guests: 3 medium size adults or 4 guests if at least 2 are children
Cobia & Shark Fishing Charter
on the “Stingray”

Inshore / Near Coastal

3 Hour • $399
4 Hour • $499
5 Hour • $599
6 Hour • $699
8 Hour • $899

  • Cobia caught on Hilton Head fishing charter with Captain Blair
  • Cobia caught on fishing charter with Capt Blair in Hilton Head
  • Live Oac cobia fishing in Hilton Head