MegaShark™ Fishing

Big shark fishing for the monsters!

It’s hit or miss, but when it hits, you’ll know it! We’re using medium & heavy tackle and targeting the largest sharks around.

Depending on the time of year, this could include:

  50-100+ lbs

Blacktip Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Fine Tooth Sharks

   100-500+ lbs

Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks

    200-1000+ lbs

Tiger Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks
Monster Shark Fishing is catch and release only. We utilize appropriate tackle and techniques for shark fishing with the goal to encounter these magnificent animals in a way that’s as safe for them as possible.

We do not remove large sharks from the water, as this could cause serious damage to both them and us.

  Our MegaShark™ fishing charters are serious big game fishing in open water! It’s an exciting and potentially dangerous athletic adventure, and you’ll want to be in good shape both for fighting fish on the line and moving safely about the boat.
  Inshore, Near Coastal, and Offshore
  4-8 Hours
  Inshore: April thru September, Offshore: Year Round
  Age 16+

   MegaShark™ Fishing Charter Rates:

A Live One™ — Freeman 29 Catamaran
with Captain Blair Willis
  Max 6 guests for this type of charter
  Inshore / Near Coastal (max 3 miles out)

4 Hours • $599
5 Hours • $750
6 Hours • $900

  Offshore — Mid Range

6 Hours • $900 (includes fuel)
Full Day (8-10 Hours) • $1200 + Fuel Cost*
Typical Fuel Usage 50-100 gallons
Call for more details.

Hammerhead” — 25’ Sportfish
  Max Guests: 4 adults for this type of charter

4 Hour • $499
5 Hour • $599
6 Hour • $699
8 Hour • $899

  • monster lemon shark caught fishing in Hilton Head