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Redfish Fishing Charters with Live Oac

Redfish Fishing Charters

Live Oac offers some of the best Hilton Head fishing for Redfish, also known as Red Drum, Spot-tail Bass, Channel Bass or just plain Reds. Whatever you call ‘em, they’re FUN!
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  Inshore & Near Coastal
  3-8 Hours
  Year Round, but variable
  Age 13+ recommended
There are several methods for targeting redfish in Hilton Head. Here are our main approaches:

Deep Water Bottom Fishing for Redfish

As these fish become mature (able to reproduce), they begin to leave the comfort and security of the tidal creeks and join the spawning schools that move into the deeper water bays, sounds, and ocean. Big, mature redfish are often referred to as “Bull Reds”. They are hard hitting fish that fight like a bull, and are one of our most exciting fish to catch inshore.

We catch big bull reds throughout the year, but there are certain seasons, times and locations where we can target them specifically with good results. Depending on time of year, that varies from inshore to the near coastal range.

Our main approach is to anchor up over live bottom or structure where these giant fish are known to congregate at different times for spawning. We use medium tackle for these strong fighting fish, and attract them with a variety of live bait, cut bait, and jigs.

While fishing for bull redfish in deeper water, we also often see other species like black sea bass, black drum, whiting, bluefish, sharks and rays.

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Catch and release a huge “Bull” Red like this while inshore fishing in Hilton Head Island

Shallow Water Flats Fishing for Redfish

Red Drum live in the tidal creeks and marsh estuary region as juveniles and young adults. These fish tend to be in the 13-26” range, with some occasional larger ones to be found. Redfish spend a lot of time in extremely shallow water, as this offers a combination of protection from predators (dolphin and sharks) as well as a great place to search for food such as smaller fish, shrimp and crabs.

Redfish hover around oyster beds and shell banks, swim throughout the mud flats and creeks at low tide and amongst the marsh grass at high tide. We hunt for them using a specially designed “flats boat” or skiff that lets us float in extreme shallow water measured in inches, not feet!

This type of fishing is akin to Bass fishing like you might be familiar with or have at least seen on TV. We spend a lot of time on the move, casting at the edge of the water, along grass patches and shell banks. We can use light spinning, conventional, and fly tackle. We’ll typically also spend some time anchored or staked out in a position waiting for fish to come to us. The techniques and methods are tailored both the fish behavior and the anglers on board.

Other species are also caught when fishing for redfish in shallow water, such as spotted sea trout, black drum, flounder, whiting, stingrays and sharks.

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Sight fishing for redfish on a flats boat in Hilton Head, SC


Deep Water Bottom Fishing for Bull Redfish or Inshore Creek Fishing
  Near Coastal or Inshore Bottom Fishing
  Max Guests: 6
  Inshore / Near Coastal (max 3 miles out)

(4 Hour minimum
for this trip type)



Inshore Creek Fishing or Deep Water Bottom Fishing for Bull Redfish
  Inshore Creeks or Near Coastal Bottom Fishing
  Max Guests: 4
for this type of charter

(4 Hour minimum
for this trip type)



Inshore Creek Fishing for Redfish
  Inshore Creeks & Flats
  Max Guests: 4
for this type of charter

4 Hour • $498



Flats Fishing for Redfish
  Inshore Creeks & Flats
  Max Guests: 3
for this type of charter

4 Hour • $498
5 Hour • $598
6 Hour • $698
“Full Day” 8+ Hour • $1000

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