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Hilton Head Weather

"What about the weather?"

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. If the weather is unsafe, we won't go out. (For example: unavoidable high winds or nearby lightning). When foul weather does threaten, we keep a close eye on the radar and the skies. If it's suitable to head out, but then threatening conditions appear during a trip, we'll act quickly to adjust our course and head to safer waters or land as appropriate. If we cancel a trip or end early due to unfavorable weather, you will not be charged for lost time, and we'll offer the opportunity to reschedule.

Here's more on Hilton Head weather that might help in planning your trip with Live Oac or your visit to the Lowcountry:

Rain & Thunderstorms

At times, the weather might be safe, but still hold the potential for an unenjoyable experience if you are not prepared. In that case we'll let you know and give you the option to cancel (at no charge).

Some of our best nature experiences have been during or after a rain shower, but that's "comfortable" for us. If it's not comfortable for you, we understand. If there is any question about the forecast for the scheduled time of your trip, please contact us. We'll do our best to adjust the schedule or otherwise cancel the trip at no charge. We want to make sure you have a great experience with Live Oac!

A note on summer forecasts: The weather forecast for a normal day in July or August, will most likely say something like "hot, humid, with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms." This is the typical forecast for 9 out of 10 days in mid to late summer, and that's not an exaggeration.

For this reason, during July or August, we encourage you to consider scheduling your trip earlier or later in the day. Avoid the hottest, most humid time of day (about 1pm to 4 pm) in the peak of the Lowcountry summer heat. Please also consider the extreme UV rays overhead and reflected off the water. Our deck boats have sunshade that cover about 60% of the passenger area. Our focus is to provide our clients with an experience that is both safe and enjoyable, and that's why we provide you with these details up front.
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Sun & Moon

Sunsets are our some of our most popular trips. We also offer full moon trips during the appropriate days of the month. FYI, the full moon rises just at sunset on the day cited as the "Full Moon" and rises about an hour later on each successive day (and likewise it's up prior to sunset on the days just prior to the "Full Moon".) There are typically 4-5 days that we can offer moonlight excursions during the hours following sunset.

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